About Us

Who are we?

We are two sisters who are all about change. Sure there were times we were intimidated by it, but now we're motivated by it. Bring it on! 

I'm Karen...wife, mom, sister, daughter, journalist, author, and now entrepreneur! The last 10 years have brought a lot of change: the birth of our daughter Catherine, Hurricane Katrina, cross country moves, medical battles, new jobs and the return to old ones. Life's about change...and it's getting better!

I'm Kimmy... soon-to-be-wife, daughter, little sis, Queen Bee, former ad agency producer, sales rep, and now entrepreneur! The last 10 years have brought lots of highs and some lows, but hey, they're all part of the journey! 
How do we hope to effect change?

" Life's about change...make it real."
Yesterday it was a revelation, then a vow to embrace a philosophy. Today it's a t-shirt line and a giant leap outside of our comfort zone. 

Tomorrow it's about impact--A portion of the proceeds will go to charity, beginning with cancer research.
Where are we located?

Currently, we're located only in cyberspace, but we hope to be in stores near you soon. Interested in selling wholesale, email us. As for the t-shirts, the dream was born in Boston and realized in New Orleans, two great American cities who know all about change and how to emerge STRONGER after adversity.
How long in business?

Well, truth be told we've been in business on paper for years waiting for the time to be "just right", the designs to be "perfect" and the business plan to be "guaranteed". Guess what? That time never came. And the dream almost died on the vine.

But then last year my husband faced an unexpected medical challenge and that changed everything: our definition of success, our "ideal" future, our attitude, our priorities, our faith. Inspired by his strength and courage, I found some of my own and Life's About Change was re-born, perfectly imperfect as it is! 

We can wait for dreams to come true or we can MAKE them come true. Life's about change...make it real!

Karen +
So the crazy idea to market a philosophy and t-shirt line around a triangular stick figure may have been mine, but the (+) symbol signifies my husband (John) and daughter (Catherine) who inspire and tolerate everything I do! :)

The BRAINS behind Life's About Change and the HEART of our family. A more beautiful, loving, devoted sister has never lived!

The dream maker--he took the sketches and brought them to life. He's the kind of guy you want your little sister to marry. Oh, wait! He is!!! 

• Special thanks to our parents, our brother Scott, and all our family and friends for encouraging us!

• Huge THANK YOU to Quintin Good with Purple Monkey, Blake Haney with Dirty Coast for launching ScreensforGood.com and letting us take part!