Delta's Blog--Light a Candle...Conquer Your Fear

Think words don’t matter? What if a single text sent in a rush but directly from the heart could change your mindset? It happened to me four years ago. A doctor friend of mine, a Harvard cardiologist with whom I’d done a health show, had reached out to me inquiring about a private family matter. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been scared to the point of paralysis, but it’s possible. I was working but not really working, reading but not comprehending, hoping but not believing. She could have sent a text translating medical jargon or a note sharing or interpreting stats. But she didn’t. Instead, she wrote: Stop. Right now. I want you to close your eyes and envision a candle. It’s burning. I want you to smell it and feel its warmth. Now, as the flame grows—that’s the spirit inside you getting stronger and stronger and the wax that falls? That’s the disease dripping away. The body is a puppet. It will often follow where the spirit leads.

And she had living, breathing proof to back it up.  Dr. Stephanie Moore is part of the heart transplant team at MGH in Boston. She knows it is possible to be scared to death and she knows it is equally possible to cheat it, too. She recently introduced me to a dear friend of hers, a young newlywed in Texas recovering from her second heart transplant. Second. Today that woman posted that she ran a flight of stairs for the first time in years and only realized the enormity of the accomplishment in hindsight. She did it! She’s still taking one step at a time but there’s a pep to her step now. She’s only in her twenties and she just. keeps. going. Her flame burns bright. Her wax drips away forming one stamp of victory after another.

What has you scared? A job? A divorce? An illness? A loss? Burn a candle. Close your eyes and follow the doctor’s orders. Your spirit burns stronger than your fear.

Life’s about change….make it real.   


P. S. If you have a story of change, I'd love to hear from you!