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Life's about Change...Keep the Faith!

  Sometimes strangers are placed in our path for a reason. A few years ago at the St. Jude Shrine in New Orleans, a stranger caught my eye. A cap covered her thinning hair, one eye seemed to look in a slightly different direction and and her hands clutched a walker. At the time, I was wearing a religious medal and thought perhaps she could use it more. As I...

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Capt. Jarvis Jackson--Officer on a Mission

  After 31 years on the job, it might be hard to bring your “A” game every day. Hard, that is, if your profession isn’t a calling. A mission. A passion so fulfilling that work doesn’t feel like work. So it is for Capt. Jarvis Jackson of the Gretna, LA, police department. I’m sure he’s seen, reacted to and prevented his share of violent crime. And I’m quite sure he’s...

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Life's About Change - Tale of New Orleans Artist

Sometimes you flee a place in search of change; other times you choose to stay and be the change. Wade Griffin, one of New Orleans’s most eclectic artists, has planted himself in Central City, a neighborhood facing a dual threat to maintain its identity: crime and gentrification. It’s here the son of a carpenter grew up and here he and his wife are raising their daughter despite the departure of...

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Delta's Blog--Light a Candle...Conquer Your Fear

Think words don’t matter? What if a single text sent in a rush but directly from the heart could change your mindset? It happened to me four years ago. A doctor friend of mine, a Harvard cardiologist with whom I’d done a health show, had reached out to me inquiring about a private family matter. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been scared to the point of paralysis, but it’s...

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Delta's Blog - Thinkerella!

  Nothing fuels change faster than a mother on a mission. Cherie Melancon Franz had an idea to upend a mindset. She’d been planning it for weeks. What she hadn’t planned was her big “reveal,” the day she’d speak it into reality. That was left to fate and irony. There she was— decked out in glitter, sparkles in her hair, beads on her neck and a bejeweled purse on her...

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Life's About Change...Joey's Hope!

When death knocks at your door, sometimes you have no idea you’re about to answer it. Teresa Bovia was watching tv when she heard the rat-a-tat-tat that, at first, raised no alarm until she saw the gloves of the men who grabbed her attention as they stood at theirs. The Marine Corps officers were in their dress blues… on her front porch… on behalf of a grateful nation. She watched...

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