Life's About Change...Joey's Hope!

When death knocks at your door, sometimes you have no idea you’re about to answer it. Teresa Bovia was watching tv when she heard the rat-a-tat-tat that, at first, raised no alarm until she saw the gloves of the men who grabbed her attention as they stood at theirs. The Marine Corps officers were in their dress blues… on her front porch… on behalf of a grateful nation. She watched as their lips moved but heard nothing. The officers were right in front of her but all she saw was her son, Joey. Her first born.

Sgt. Joseph Bovia was 24 when on his third tour in Afghanistan, he died protecting not only our freedom and our way of life, but something more universally dear to him…children. Joey was standing guard at a remote Afghan school when he died defending it. A sniper’s accuracy likely spared much pain, but only for Joey. His parents’ was immeasurable.

Their son was gone well before he had had a chance to have children of his own. No one to carry on his legacy. That’s what his parents could have lamented. But they didn’t. Instead, they birthed a movement in Joey’s name. There are now hundreds of children to carry on his legacy. It’s called Joey’s Hope for Hungry Children and it is alive and well in New Orleans, Joey’s home town. Each Friday, volunteers stuff backpacks full of food for children to take home. These are the kids who rely on school to provide breakfast and lunch during the week. Now they rely on Joey’s legacy at home. They’ve served 250 children every week for four years. Teresa took her grief and created a gift. Joey will now be remembered for more than the life he gave; he’ll be remembered for the life he lived…and ALL of the children he’s served along the way. Always faithful.

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